How to Make Wudu: A Step by Step 2023 Guide


What is Wudu?

Wudu is the Islamic ritual of ablution, and is an important part of Muslim worship. It is required before performing any of the five daily prayers, as well as before entering a mosque.

The process of Wudu consists of washing the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head and feet with water. It is a Sunnah (recommended practice) to begin by saying “Bismillahi wa ‘ala barakatihi” (In the name of Allah and with the blessing of Allah).

If you are new to Islam or are simply seeking a refresher, this guide will teach you how to properly perform Wudu.


“Allaah does not look at your outward appearance or your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds.”(Sahih Muslim, 464)


How to perform wudu in 9 simple steps?(Make Wudu Step by Step)

Contrary to what it may seem to us, Wunder is actually quite simple. Here we explain how to perform wudu in 8 simple steps.

1.Begin by making the intention to perform wudu And says “Bismillah”.

2.Wash your hands 3 times, ensuring that the water reaches all parts of your hands including between the fingers.

3.Rinse your mouth 3 times and ensure that the water reaches all parts of your mouth including your tongue.

4.Wash your nose 3 times by cupping your hands and filling them with water, then sniffing the water up into your nose and expelling it 3 times.

5.Wash your face 3 times, ensuring that the water reaches all parts of your face including your neck and ears.

6.Wash your arms up to the elbows 3 times, ensuring that the water reaches all parts of your arms including between the fingers.

7.Wipe your entire head with your wet hands, ensuring that the water reaches your scalp and behind your ears.

8.Wash your feet up to the ankles 3 times, ensuring that the water reaches all parts of your feet including between the toes.

9.Once you have completed all of the above steps, you have now performed wudu and are ready to pray.


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