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As the best manufacturer of Wudu Basins in China, we help you get competitive prices, follow up on production, ensure quality and will fully assist you in Muslims marketing.


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Wudugoods.com was created by a group of passionate and devout Muslim culture-loving experts who wanted to serve the wudu (ablution) needs of Muslims worldwide.

Wudu Basin For Small Space

The high quality ceramic wudu basin is easy to install. It accommodates to children and adults, especial good for home use.The improved higher edge design can help avoid water splash on the floor.

Dual Levels Wudu Basin

Dual Levels Wudu Basin are made of ceramic or acrylic and has the advantage of being smooth and easy to clean. It is our own development and production, which we have patent, and they can be used at homes, multi-religious rooms, workplaces or other public places.

Automatic Ablution Foot Washer

Focus on foot wash, ideal for home, work place. Powered by water pressure. Enjoy your foot bath like message. Ideal for home or ideal use. It can go with wall hung basin(welome to enquiry)

Long Wudu Basin

Ideal for mosque and workplace with intergrated seat. Manufactured In High Quality, Easy To Clean Acrylic.Intergrated Seat, Ideal For A Public Wudu Facility Easy To Install wudu basin.

Smart Acrylic Wudu Basin

Manufactured In High Quality, Easy To Clean Acrylic. Full Set, Basin With Stool, Smart Size For Limit Space. Easy To Install. ‘Water-In’ And ‘Waste-Out’ Through The Floor (S-Trap). Safe, Comfortable And Dignified Wudu Appliance.

Square Wudu Basin

Classic mosque arch design, 66cm wide, good for tall or big size people. Friendly for movement challenging people(wheelchair height). Good for mosque use, home use, and workplace use.

Trusted by industry leaaders:

We are working with some of the top brands,hotels, retailers, distributors globally. In this case, we are familiar with different markets in different countries.

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You Also Need Our Extra Excellent Service

Not only do we produce wudubasins ourselves, we have also partnered with a number of excellent Sock & Hijab factories to provide you with a full range of quality services

Muslim Headscarf Manufacturing

Our Headscarf are designed in-house by a group of Muslim culture lovers; from our bespoke colour schemes to our airy, breathable fabrics, we create scarves to serve. We have our own cotton mill and a small team of artisans led by women who work closely together to cultivate our own unique fabrics.

Waterproof Carpet Manufacturing

Since 2014, we have been exporting different styles of waterproof carpets for Muslim countries. Our strength lies in understanding the needs of our customers and helping you to source different types of quality waterproof carpets.

Waterproof Socks Manufacturing

Wudu Socks are ultra-thin shower socks, developed using patented technology and high quality materials, which are 100% WATERPROOF and breathable while without loss of comfortableness.

Coming soon...

Our Mission

For Better Living Of Muslims Globally

As the Muslim community grows, we realise that few public facilities, or even our own homes, are designed to meet our needs for wudu (ablution).

Core Values

What are our core values ?

Teamwork for Excellence

Relationship for life

Responsible and Result Oriented

Futuristic and Innovative

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Win-Win Co-operation

Boost Your Business

How We Grow Your Business?

We help you avoid the pitfalls and deliver the quality and value you need for your wudu products on time and on budget.

For Brand Owners

We work with a diverse range of businesses to take their ideas from conception to realising their desired WuduGoods solution. We go on this journey with you to ensure we help you better define what you want and achieve the perfect solution for your brand.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our modern in-house production plant allows us to offer a large selection of quality options that will appeal to your target customers. Whether OEM & ODM, as a manufacturer or supplier, you can be confident that our streamlined production processes are designed to provide you with the best products on the market.

For Wholesalers

As one of the most well-equipped Wudu Basins manufacturing companies, we offer the highest quality products at significantly lower costs. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you can also offer your customers great prices.

Our Advantage

Why Choose WuduGoods?

We have always loved and studied Muslim culture to the extent that we have been able to understand what Muslims need and we are able to provide excellent solutions to the wudu (ablution) needs of Muslims around the world.

we can reduce your costs.

we customize solutions to match your needs and the needs of your customers.

we measure our deliverables and report them to our clients on a regular basis.

we strengthen your brand image and awareness using leading-edge marketing tools and strategies.

we offer a simple and secure payment and receipt system for cross-border traansactions.


How We Stand Out From Other Manufacturers ?

We have our own tiktok account with up to 100w followers, which can also help you open up the local market quickly.

We were the first manufacturer in the world to develop and patent a wudu basin for public and domestic use, and working with us ensures that you will have first-hand access to it.

We take the quality of our products seriously. We inspect a higher percentage of products free of charge than third party inspection companies. In addition, we are the only manufacturing facility to offer a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0.

The material of our bathroom sinks is 100% comply with environmental protection. We can also make any designs for you according to your needs.

Helping our customers to get good prices is one of the main ways in which we help them to be more competitive, because the goal of our business is to make our products available to Muslims all over the world.

We take our customers seriously, even if their orders are small, because we want to build a long-term relationship. Unlike other Chinese suppliers, if you receive a defective product, we will do our best to get you compensation and reduce your losses.

As an established ceramic wall hung toilet,bathroom sink,wudu basin manufacturer, SISOSU.com takes pride in the quality and consistency of our products. High-quality standards are upheld through the entire manufacturing process, along with the latest production equipment and regular inspections, to ensure that every product we produce meets or exceeds international production quality standards..

This is the secret to why our products are welcomed in different markets across the globe and bring huge benefits to our customers.

For large scale or fast growing companies we can offer many additional services including a team of up to 20 people to provide you with marketing strategies, TIKTOK layout analysis, website operations, analysis of the local market, design of logos, packaging, and much more.

Our Happy Clients From 50+ Countries

What Our Clients Said ?

Mr Zakriya

We are whole seller, wudu basin series is our new line, WuduGoods team is very cooperated and they accept to mix several models in a container. That’s quite help for us to start this product line. They always give me solutions on the projects. I will continue work with them.

Mr Mohammed (UAE)

WuduGoods has strict quality system. We have cooperated with them since one year ago. It turns out that they help enhance our quality level and our customers are happy about that. Miss Cici provides wudu basins pictures and videos of the goods manufacturing of each order. Thank you for all your efforts.


They only supply Grade A goods. We are satisfied with the design, quality control and quick action. They consider every detail, 100% goods testing and inspection, practical packaging suggetion, clear installing solution, etc. With their help we have gained several big projects.

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WuduGoods Works in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Submit your enquiry by telling us what you need. Our customer support will reply to you via email within a few hours and then assign you a Wudu project agent to start your project.

Step 2

Your Wudu project agent will send you a product quote within two working days or less. We will then send you product samples and you will confirm that they meet your expectations.

Step 3

Please confirm all product details with your Wudu Project agent before making a bulk order. Your Wudu Project agent will coordinate with the factory to follow up on production and ensure product quality.

Step 4

We will help you to store your products in our warehouse, check the quality and arrange for courier/sea/air delivery to any address in your country.

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