8 things to note when sourcing wudu basin from China

  1. Quality control: Ensure that the manufacturer has a strict quality control process in place to guarantee the quality of the product.
  2. Certification: Make sure the manufacturer has relevant certifications such as ISO 9001, CE, or RoHS, to guarantee the product’s safety and compliance with international standards.
  3. Lead time: Consider the lead time and make sure to plan accordingly to avoid any delays in the delivery of the product.
  4. Cost: Get multiple quotes from different suppliers to compare prices and negotiate for better terms.
  5. Payment terms: Carefully consider the payment terms, including the payment method, deposit amount, and payment schedule, to ensure the security of your funds.
  6. Shipping: Choose a reliable shipping company and negotiate for the best shipping rates and transit time.
  7. Contract: Make sure to have a detailed contract in place that clearly outlines the terms and conditions, specifications, and responsibilities of both parties.
  8. Intellectual property protection: Protect your intellectual property by signing a confidentiality agreement with the manufacturer to ensure that they will not disclose your proprietary information.



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