Professional Wudu Goods Manufacturer

WuduGoods specialises in the manufacture and wholesale of wudu goods.

Our products include:Wudu Basin,Muslim Headscarf,Waterproof socks and Waterproof carpet.

مغسلة الوضوء
لتسهيل عملية غسل القدم

Wudu Basin Specialist Manufacturers

As the most professional wudu basin manufacturing factory in China, we produce 1000+ different styles of wudu basin every month, we are the source manufacturer, no middleman, not only can we help you get competitive price, but also can recommend you new wudu basin that we have patented invention.

Most of our partners come from different countries, who source the entire range, include:  Ceramic Separate Wudu Basin, Dual Level Wudu Basin, Convenience Foot Washer, Acrylic All-in-one Wudu Basin, Acrylic Separate Wudu Basin, Classic Mosque Arch Wudu Basin ,Convenience Foot Washer and even pre-orders for our latest generation products in development!

We Can Also Offer Partners

If partners want to develop OEM products, we are ready to provide technical support. We also have good experience in development, supporting them from start to finish, from product design and packaging solutions to new product launch in the market. We have helped many partners around the world.

Shipping to the customer

Wudu Goods We Have 10+ Years of Experience

In addition to exporting wudu basin products, we also have a number of more specialised product types. With over 10 years of experience in these categories, with good factory freedom and having supported many well-known brands, we are definitely the best supply chain for your business.

Wudu Basin Manufacturing

Since 2009, we have been supplying wudu basin to customers from different countries. wudu basin has strong R&D capability and production capacity, and many of our wudu basin are self-developed and have several patents. wudu basin can be identified with SISOSU and WuduGoods.

Muslim Headscarf Manufacturing

Muslim Headscarf is a highly promising market and Muslim Headscarf products are highly profitable, we can help you to provide highly competitive products in the market. We have been serving Muslim Headscarf customers of all sizes for more than 6 years.

Waterproof Socks Manufacturing

It is not easy to choose from tens of thousands of waterproof sock factories in China that offer reliable and competitive prices and good quality.that's why you need our support and assistance to source from China.

Waterproof Carpet Manufacturing

Since 2014, we have been exporting different styles of waterproof carpets for Muslim countries. Our strength lies in understanding the needs of our customers and helping you to source different types of quality waterproof carpets.

You May Also Need Extra Service

While the services of our agency and wholesale schemes can meet most people’s needs, we offer many additional services to make it easier and more affordable for you to compete in the wudu goods market and make greater profits.