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Learn more about the manufacturing concept of Wudu Basin & Goods and how to meet your diversified needs Wudu goods wholesale.

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Who We Are

WuduGoods is a Chinese organisation specialising in the development and production of wudubasin, which has been developing wudubasin since 2015.

It is the professional wudu supplies division under the SISOSU company, which is based in the Chinese ceramic production base of Chaozhou, the world’s largest wholesale ceramic production market.

As the leading production and sales company for sanitary ware in China, SISOSU has successfully helped thousands of sellers worldwide to import ceramic toilets, ceramic washbasins and other sanitary ware from China, thanks to our excellent service and 100 More than 100 dedicated employees.

Our Mission

For Better Living Of Muslims Globally

For Muslims who pray 7 times a day, it is very inconvenient and unhygienic to do wudu in public places or even at home, most of the time you need to wash your feet in the sink which is dangerous and unhygienic. We realised this problem and tried to find a solution to this nuisance and WuduGoods was born.

We want Muslims to be more comfortable, safe and hygienic when they need wudu.

Corporate Values

The 4 P’s guide our work at WuduGoods:


Our team and commitments to our team come first. WuduGoods is committed to promoting well-being, helping its people grow and raising the level of talent across the organization.


Partners are our customers. Promises to our Partners do not get missed or dropped. 100% customer satisfaction is always our goal.


We are committed to building leading edge products that will delight our customers and drive new sales and recurring revenue.


Profit is a natural result of our team’s commitment to prioritizing our People, our Partners, and our Products

Our Success is Defined by Our Customers’ Success

Today’s leading organisations rely on Wudugoods’ products to enhance their leadership position in the industry

We are committed to your success and we are always here to help you get the most out of your investment in our products.

WuduGoods Commitment to You

Sincere treatment of every partner and customer is the reason why we have been around for 13 years.

Bold in Action

We embrace change and take risks to bring solutions to challenges that move us forward and enable our customers to  successful.

Outcome Driven

We deliver on our promises, anticipate and remove obstacles to create a clear path to visible results.

Doing Right

We never compromise on quality or reliability and take our responsibility to our customers, people and planet seriously.

Our Expertise

We have accumulated 5 years of experience with wudu goods and can help you avoid many pitfalls.

We have over 10 years experience in the development, production and sales of ceramic sanitary ware and wudu basins, we have many more products in development at great prices. We can offer you a one-to-one service, from production to shipping follow-up and sales advice, which is friendly to new importers.

We offer professional solutions for sourcing Wudu goods, including private label, product development, full inspection, good payment terms and tailor-made logistics solutions for smaller goods.

We have a 5,000 square metre own warehouse with full time workers, enabling us to pack products and check quality efficiently in a way that most other organisations cannot offer.

Our Office


Our Family

Wudu Marketing

Our Factory

The production process of ceramic products

This is a video of the whole process of producing ceramics in our factory.

All of our ceramic products go through these processes before they can be launched on the market, WUDU BASIN also needs to go through so many processes to complete.

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Our License

Our Address

You are welcome to visit us in China; our office is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, 2 hours drive from Guangzhou; our factory is in Chaozhou, 4 hours drive from Zhongshan, and it is easy to visit our factory.

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